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Merry Xmas!

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Padre de Familia

It takes ages to load but believe me, it is worthy :)
A better link here.
Sticky note: I had a bra-fitting experience. And yes, I was part of the 85% wearing the wrong size. I went from 36C to 34DD, hence I got it all wrong :(

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Será porque tengo dos años sin ir a México...

... y hace mucho que no oigo tantos insultos a la mexicana o porque quitando los insultos se dejan ver verdades, pero este "documental" me mató de risa. Un saludo a mis camaradas y paisanos poblanos JAJAJA <--- léase con voz digital de cateto.

Ah, y yo no llamaría exclusivamente poblanas a esas enumeradas virtudes. Quizá sólo exarcerbadas en ese lugar querido del señor, pero presentes (como Bacardí en los mejores eventos) en todos los ranchos y ciudades mexicanas.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

I was there

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Pongámonos románticos

Friday, November 02, 2007

Wednesday, October 31, 2007


Sunday, October 21, 2007

Finally, I took my first pole exercise class

It is fucking hard!

The class wasn't as difficult as this routine. I just think this video is lovely. And by the way, I love the challenge, so I am gonna stick to it.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pass the animalito-cookies on...

Dave Gahan - Down

I need some company
I need you tonight
You don't have to talk to me
And don't be polite

Take my body and soul
I feel so old

On the ground
There's no one around
And the snow is falling
On the ground
It's where I'm bound
To be up by morning
Just lay down beside of me
You know what I like
Take what you want from me
We don't have to fight

Take my body and should
I feel so old

On the ground
There's no one around
And the snow is falling
On the ground
It's where I'm bound
To be up by morning

And you comfort me
Until my legs go weak
Hold me closer
We won't speak

On the ground
There's no one around
And the snow is falling
On the ground
It's where I'm bound
To be up by morning

Oh we all keep falling
All down
And the world keeps turning

Thanks to El Nodencio for the song

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Solidaridad: unirse a la causa de otros

Los que saben y entienden seguramente se retorceran como babosas en sal con este video :S

Sunday, September 30, 2007

The Favourite of Erick

First time I see the video. Oh, the old times in Puebla ...
PD La coreografía no tiene mamá.

Friday, September 28, 2007

No me tientes

I usually don't re-read old emails. Whether they mean love, hate or devotion, I resist to look back because it is nothing but staring at hells above or heavens below which already ceased to exist.

I had a conversation today that reminded me of an email I received about 6 years ago. I couldn't help but looking for it, luckily I managed to delay the impulse for a few hours. During my search I found some other emails which made me smile with the memories of beautiful times. I also found one email showing the clear signs of the coming storm; I shivered to the thought of a way younger me, unable to recognise those signs.

Finally, I found the email I was looking for. And I failed to read it in one go. Everytime I set my eyes on it, just after a few sentences, I could not avoid the mental shrieks prodding me to twist my head aside and close my eyes. Back then, that undesired email shook me to be core. In a way it did so because I was happy I was not the one writing it, yet I could perfectly understand the writer. I had been there, but as the raven said, never more. I had already moved on. Is it always like that with old feelings that left a mark on your soul?

And now brothers and sisters, children of men, I can tell you for sure, you should not read again old emails. Keep them, they are bits of memory for a memory that remains, but do not read them, they are evil.

If you paid attention to this post you may have noticed I added a nice video of one of my favourite Mexican bands. I always associated that song with the time of that aforementioned email (and the years before that email was sent) so, I attached it to this wee post. I remembered the song because I happened to hear another song (that I also love) from the same band. Shame for the lack of video, thus I decided to only add the lyrics of this other song. Even though it is fairly old, this melody reminded me of a not so old event; maybe all the conversations I've been having did the recollecting job and the song was just the cherry on the icing, who knows.

La Gusana Ciega - Duele Decirlo
Estas esperando en tu cama
La dosis extraña de cristales de fe.
Y son las últimas horas,
el ultimo intento por pasártela bien.
Estás repitiendo la escena
cortando tus venas por un poco de amor.
Y estás soñando de día
pensando que todos te queremos tener

UU Duele decirlo UU no somos lo mismo.
Decir 'del polvo de estrellas
que escurre del cielo estamos
hechos los dos
Es ir a polos opuestos del mismo
reflejo, de la misma razón
UU Duele decirlo UU no somos lo mismo.

Te estamos olvidando
No estás dentro de mi
No estamos mejorando
No estamos mejorando así.


Retro computers: The UNAM case

Thursday, September 27, 2007



After I read this in my myspace Inbox I just thought wot?

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Sea Lion Woman

Monday, September 24, 2007

No one knows

...Y se me pasaron las canelas. Me dieron de beber tanto, que hasta me volví payasa...
Pedro Páramo
But I do.

Monday, September 10, 2007

Yet another sign for the intellectually challenged people

Previously in Mugre World I ranted against the people stealing disabled spaces in the carpark. Just today, Eanna sent me this lovely pic I want to add to the collection.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Monday, September 03, 2007

I *heart* Dexter

Sunday, September 02, 2007

¡Tonta! - ¡Estúpida!

I confess, I have pirated this post from Imoqland. I saw Tres Mujeres en la Hoguera ages ago. When my daddy found out, his eyes opened so wide I was sure I had done something very naughty. He reacted worst than when he discovered I had watched La Choca.

I hardly remember the movie, just a few things about the lesbian affair and the murder of one of the women; but after checking the video I can tell it was beautifully shot. Acting is poor, however I believe the story is rather interesting.

I am sure you will be singing again and again ¡Tonta! - ¡Estúpida! after you watch the video.

Update: Love the music? Special thanks to the DJ

Friday, August 31, 2007

Czech TP (reloaded)

No, according to previous recounts, I am not lying.
Pic found here.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Ich bin fantz!!!!

Jose Everardo Cristobal
I haven't learnt from this guy before but after watching this video of his victory last year I admire him. Notice the strength he has (about 2:17 of the video) and then compare his size with the rest of the competitors (last bit of the video). He recently won another competition but I couldn't find a video of that one.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Love - Dutch style

I heard this song ages ago, when I lived in The Damn. Little did I know that I would actually grow to like it. It is very, very, very Dutch.

De Poema's - Zij maakt het verschil - She makes the diffence

Ze is geen medicijn tegen het tikken van de klok - She is no medicine against the ticking of the clock
Geen hoop, geen gids - no hope, no guide
Geen haven in de nacht - no haven at night
Geen bron in de woestijn, als je kapot gaat van de dorst - no oasis in the dessert, when you break down of thirst
Niet een glimlach op je aller slechtste grap - no smile to your uttermost bad joke

Ze is geen hit refrein dat van de steigers klinkt - She is no hit chorus, which sounds perfectly assembled
Niet de allerduurste wijn die je zonder kater drinkt - neither the most expensive wine, which you drink without a hangover
Geen bloementuin in bloei - not a blooming flower garden
Niet een uit duizend nachten - not one in thousand nights
Geen uitgestoken hand - not a extended hand
Niet het eind van al mijn wachten - no end to all my waiting

Nee meer nog dan ik eigenlijk toegeven wil, - No, more than I would actually like to admit,
Zij maakt het verschil - She makes the difference

Ze is geen slap excuus voor wat ik graag had willen zijn - She is no weak excuse for what I would like to have become
Geen droom, geen doel - no dream, no purpose
Geen stok om mee te slaan - no stick to hit with
Geen enkele garantie voor een lang gelukkig leven - no single guarantee
Ze is geen antwoord op de vraag van ons bestaan - she is not the answer to the question about our existence

Niet de mooiste symfonie onder de film genaamd wij 2e - not the most beautiful symphony, soundtrack of the movie called "The two of us"
het schone koele bed dat mijn koortsen weg kan nemen - not the clean cool bed that can take away my fevers
niet het ritme van mijn hart, niet het zuiverste geweten - not the rithme of my heart, not the purest conscience
ze kwam neer op het juiste moment - she didn't show up at the right time
en dat kan me ook niet schelen - but I don't care

want meer nog dan ik eigenlijk toegeven wil, - because even more than I would ever admit
Zij maakt het verschil - She makes the difference

tussen alles wat ik had en hoe dat opeens ging leven - between everything I had and how it started to come alive
wat met potlood staat geschetst kan met kleur worden in getekend - what was sketched in pencil, can now be colored in
tussen nooit iets aan de hand en van alles te beleven - between nothing happens and experiencing a blast
tussen nooit en misschien, heel soms - between never and maybe sometimes
En tussen ik en ons and between me and us
zoveel zanger, zoveel woorden en moet allemaal gezegd - so many singers, so many words, and it all must be said
maar wat ze ook probeert geeft me gelijk 1e recht - but whatever she tries, she is right, the first one right
misschien is het wat simpel maar alles wat ik horen wil is - maybe it sounds a bit simple but everything I need to hear is

Zij maakt het verschil - She makes the difference
Zij maakt het verschil - She makes the difference

want ze is geen goed gesprek - because she is no good conversation
waar geen hond op zit te wachten - no dog is waiting for you
geen vlag waar ik onder strijd - no flag to battle for
geen advies bij al mijn klachten - no advice to all my sorrows
niet de allerlaatste uitweg waar wij allang niet meer aan dachten - not the very last exit, which we didn't think before

maar meer nog dan ik eigenlijk toegeven wil, - more than I would really like to admit
Zij maakt het verschil - She makes the difference
Zij maakt het verschil - She makes the difference

Friday, August 24, 2007

Countless moments of joy...

...were provided to me by this website. If you ain't kitsch don't visit it.

Also, I found this lovely pic of Ms Holy Death in this website (check the Pinturas section).

When I saw this book

I couldn't think of anyone who would want it. Really.


We all know who I am talking about he he.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Disney and Dalí present Destino

I apologise for this tilted version, but as it was pointed out in one of the comments, the skew but complete short is better than just extracts. Pirates in the first world are so unskilled -me thinks-. I would have bought the film but they didn't sell it :'(

Another nice thingy from cinema is this collaboration between Mr Hitchcok and Dalí. Enjoy Ingrid Bergman as well.
Dalí also used his talent for more mundane affairs. Check these ads, for example.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Oh so gay!

Modernity gives you a new perspective about old things.

Undoubtedly, this song now sounds sooooo gay.
Maybe it did sound gay before but I just can't remember

And He-Man now looks like a gay fantasy of muscled men in tight tongs.

Update: The difference is that I still like the first one a lot but the second one looks so silly. For that type of cartoon there is nothing like The Thundercats.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Contemporary Adult Commandments: a meme without a heart

I struggled at the beginning but when I was in number five I couldn't stop thinking it is a shame there must be only ten!

Instructions: If you got this meme it means you are a contemporary adult (a thirty-something) or soon you will be one (I am even including 25ish in here!). If this is not the case, it only means the person that passed you the meme can't read, thus you are allowed to skip it.

The general idea is to give out 10 things you *must* do before you become and old bore. Commandments should be based on your *broad* experience of life, that is, a collection of wise-men DOs (but not DONTs!). After you finish the commandments, nominate at least 5 fellows who should share their knowledge of life (ha!).

A kind note for the reader: Please don't be a child and take offense from any of the items. If you do, lock your self in the toilet and scream for a while, nobody wants your shit in the comments.

The 10 Contemporary Adult Commandments

  1. Before you turn 30, thou shouldest have had a pregnancy scare and survive it childless.
  2. Before you turn 30, thou shouldest have holden a McJob and shiver from the memories of it for the rest of your life.
  3. Before you turn 30, thou shouldest have crossed at least one ocean and traveled until you are penniless.
  4. Before you turn 30, thou shouldest have gotten your self wasted/stoned beyond the point of recognition.
  5. Before you turn 30, thou shouldest have slept with a *hot* *hot* *hot* stranger.
  6. Before you turn 30, thou shouldest have gotten yourself into real trouble and out of it, on your own.
  7. Before you turn 30, thou shouldest have doubted about the existence of everything, even God.
  8. Before you turn 30, thou shouldest have made someone suffer and enjoy it.
  9. Before you turn 30, thou shouldest have prolonged your stay outside of the real world as much as possible.
  10. Before you turn 30, thou shouldest have been very afraid of committing yourself to something serious.
And the nominees are *plays drums*:
  • Chango Chilango
  • Lifeless
  • Genma
  • Alice in Wonderblog
  • Imoq
  • Güolken
  • Juan
  • Mike and Mike (the three of them)
  • OmarHG
  • Nodens

Thursday, August 09, 2007

From Post A Secret

Maybe, not only raving Christianity but any blissful belief.

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Revenge Songs

Revenge Song by Jacob Golden

Helen Helen Troy I drew your picture as a boy
a woman mightier then all
I slipped
and took a nasty fall
into the poisoned
arms of fear
my mama left me with
a broken hearted souvenir
and thats exactly why I’m here…

I took out my revenge
I wrote a postcard
to unite my fractured friends inside the bubble
empty hands a belly full of trouble
baby hold my hand I’m gonna take my shot
I’m gonna sing to save my life
I’m gonna make that girl my wife…

Revenge Song…

Slit your writs listening "I love you" from the same singer. Download it here. Thank you for your participation and have a nice day.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Sometimes, DIY is the best option. Not that I planned it, but it worked wonders anyway.

Friday, August 03, 2007


O séase: ¡está chida!

Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I decided I am going to the Carnival of Salvador Bahia next year :D

Just a few minutes ago

I felt like going to the loo and scream to the top of my lungs. Different men caused me trouble today, so I feel like all male of species should be wiped off. Grrr.
She really knew how to sort out the "men" problem.

P.S. (Wolken). No valgo mil. Valgo $5025. Worale!

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Everything is about it. Bad karma returned to one of my friends recently, and well, that was not very nice :'( However, I must say I always see the positive side of karma. In general, you don't have to seek revenge. You often get avenged by karma, but you are seldom aware of it. But that is not important, karma always gets you. Not because I believe some energetic fluid conspires against a person, it is just simply, that if you cause harm or behave stupidly you'll get back eventually the results of your misdemeanours. No need for a karma police.

That is why I stopped being a Mexican soap-opera character and I stopped swearing to myself to destroy someone. So far, I haven't got the need to bring out the AK-47.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The intellectually challenged people of the gym (and the supermarket, the university, etc, etc)

A while ago I told Alieg I had a huge desire to stick disabled-signs to the cars of people who were obviously not disabled and parked in the reserved spaces.The disabled sign should be accompanied by a label: Non-visible Disability; which is the PC term to enclose any disability that in older times was called retardation. I think they deserve that sign since they can't read or understand simple instructions and civility rules.

I am not the only hater of parking-spaces' thieves. I found this lovely site from where I stole the following pic. I think I will be ordering a lorry of these signs.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I want to behead

The one who decided to allocate Heroes in the same time-slot of Wire in the Blood.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Requiem for a cartoonist

RIP Fontanarrosa :(

And just to remark how stupid is a state that remains a kingdom, here you have the censored cartoon of the silly prince and princess of Spain.

Truth hurts!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pass on the wellies!

This is a picture of the town of one of my best friends, whom I planned to visit soon. Nowadays it is underwater and my friend is stranded at home. No chance for a visit then. They are drowning in the Midlands and it keeps raining. Not a real summer this year. Not at all.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Oh my!

¡Alan Turing era chimuelo!
Alan Turing didn't have a front-tooth!

By the way, they are selling an Enigma machine on ebay. Just a few thousand quids to have this piece of German memorabilia.

If you don't know who the hell Alan Turing was, you deserve to be shot!

Hug me!

Monday, July 16, 2007


As a Simpson

Checkout also Iván and Imoq.

By adding

25 years to Ron Weasley, you can transform him into Lucius Vorenus.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

According to Penelopia

The difference between a cute guy and damn hot one is in the hair, specially on the chest.

Me? I can barely remember the nerdy-one after checking out the pics of Molière.

Phrase of the week

I have heard "old enough to bleed, old enough to breed", but not this one. Almost as good as the one El Chivito said: "si hay pelito, no hay delito".

And a funny one: "...and can match him in the huevos department.". Unsurprisingly, stated by an American. I must say this Cabe Wrath series all looks all to Americanised to be British-believable. Even the characters behave like Americans.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Some statements perfect for a t-shirt

Well well, Prague is all beautiful but the TP available was certainly conceived by a follower of Sade with a liking for bleeding arse-holes. I never understood why Alieg was so reticent to buy cheap TP in the UK. Therefore, when I asked the reason and he told me he had been traumatised by the TP of the Soviet Union my foremost assumption was that he exaggerated that memory of his childhood. Well, he clearly didn't.
Traditional TP
Czech Republic preserves the high tradition of sanding your butt instead of wiping it. Czech TP almost makes you wonder if newspaper could be softer. El Chivito mentioned that the awful TP was worth of the fifth world, not even the third one. So anyway, we started thinking we should have tees saying "I survived the Czech TP", and later in the conversation we decided it was much better to have one saying "I survived the 3rd world".
Czech TP
Whenever we found stuff often belonging to the thirdest of the worlds we shouted "Welcome to the third world" or better "Bienvenido al tercer mundo". Somehow I do not think it is offensive (but well I find not many things offensive). The third world possess this reality not even the twilight zone can depict. We are bizarrely real.

A came up with a the picture for a tee, not for myself, but for the general latin people who hate tipping. I hate stingy people. Well I don't really hate them, I hate sharing the bill with them because I feel forced to overcompensate their stinginess. I believe it is an influence of Alieg, and possibly Eanna but with deep roots in my childhood. My daddy, who is stingy as hell and hates me calling him daddy, always gave decent tips in restaurants because service is important for him and if he likes the food and the service he surely comes back to the place. I recognise it is useful to tip decently if you want to become a regular; they tend to remember you are not a reckless bastard who cares nothing about their jobs. Thing is, I never care in the past if other people tipped or not, although I tried to encourage it. But now, things have changed, for bad. Call me pretentious but I can't look at the waiter's face if there is not a decent tip after he gave a good service. I feel cheaper than a 40-something one-legged saggy crack-whore.

Something I noticed when I went to Ireland were the eurocents on the floor no one bother to collect. Eanna told me one of his friends explained to him that in Spain that didn't happen, because people saved even those filthy cents. I have nothing against looking after the pennies, but when this surpasses to other levels of expenditure it annoys me. I only avoid tipping when the service is shit. Otherwise, I always give a tip above the 10% but no more than 15%. I see no point on eating in a restaurant if you cannot pay the tip! Also, my gosh! English method is to divide the bill in even parts. It may not seem fair if you only ate a leaf salad whereas some other ate two lobsters, but if you clarify you ate less everyone will be happy if you pay only for your salad. The systems works quite well when you share the table with the same people several times; eventually you get even and it is all so painless and comfy. Not time wasted guessing what the doodles of the waiter are.

Well, I thank Murphy I had been taking yoga lessons because I did have to exercise my patience in Prague and breath deep and long after the first restaurant bill arrived at our table. We lost a good half an hour jittering about who was paying what and the (lack of) tip. My little pout-and wrinkly-forehead scene was worthy, we had less problems to pay next time. I even nagged El Chivito to be less stingy for once. He didn't appreciate my efforts :(

Las 8 Cosas

Un mème que no había hecho antes y que Mr Ch. me empujó a hacer.

  • Cada jugador comienza con un listado de 8 cosas sobre sí mismo (no cuenta nada que venga en par en el cuerpo).
  • Tiene que escribir en su blog esas 8 cosas, junto con las reglas del juego.
  • Debe seleccionar a 8 personas más para invitar a jugar y escribir sus nombres.
  • Por último, tiene que dejar un mensaje en sus blogs invitándoles a jugar, indicando en el mensaje, el post de su propio blog “El juego” Mis 8 cosas.
“El juego” Mis 8 cosas
  1. En este preciso momento no sé qué escribir.
  2. Antes me encantaban los mèmes, ahora me son x. Creo que la vida ha dejado de tener sentido por eso :'(
  3. Quiero dispararle al emo que escribió lo que está en el número dos de esta lista.
  4. Tuve escalofrios nomás de pensar en el papel higiénico de la República Checa.
  5. Me acordé que quería poner un post de un dibujito que vi en una novela gráfica. Algo de unos monjes así todos bien chidos que veneraban la caca seca de un Papa del medievo. Puras linduras que encuentra uno en los cómics.
  6. Tengo que hacer mi CV y no quiero.
  7. Hoy hice yoga, trabaje, hice body jam y finalmente cené un stir-fry con salsa de frijoles.
  8. Mañana voy al doctor.

Le toca a:
Juan Calleros

Para el público impaciente que quería un post con ansia

Una rola toda ternurita cursilinda feel-good.

Friday, June 29, 2007

Get Off

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Friday, June 22, 2007

When you think you have seen it all

There comes Werner Herzog to prove you wrong. Strictly for non-simpletons.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Another year, and the future is sorrow

Saturday, June 16, 2007

The proof Mexico is an open portal for the creatures of the Twilight Zone

One of the escaped a while ago and made it to youtube, twice. The whole story here.

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Una razón más para amar al Instituto Mexicano Del Sonido

Titab dances with las muchachas que les gusta la cumbia.
She is not mirando a las muchachas today.

Sunday, June 10, 2007


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Two pictures and a song

The first one is my own version of Miss Universe. Yes, I do think her image was not complete without the white balloon typical of manga because her face does look like one of those beautiful exaggerated drawings you find there.
And the second one is el chivito, modelling his tacky t-shirt of Steve Irwin (I want one of those). He didn't want his face to appear here, so I covered it with the face of his favourite erotic writer.
And the song, I listened it just now. Icky thump from the White Stripes, a rather sticky tune to listen all night long.
Icky thump
Who'da thunk?
Sittin drunk on a wagon to Mexico?

Ahh well
What a chump
Well my head got a bump
When I hit it on the radio

Redhead senorita
Looking dead
Came and said
"Need a bed?"
En Espanol

I said
"Gimme a drink a water,
I'm gonna 'sing around the collar'
And I don't need a microphone."

Icky Thump
With a lump in my throat
Grabbed my coat
And I was freaking
I was ready to go!

And I swear
Besides the hair
She had: one white eye,
One black (nk) stare
Lookin' up
Lyin' there.

On the stand
Near her hand
Was a candy cane
Black rum, sugar cane
Dry ice (and) something strange

La la la la la la la
La la la la la la la

White Americans, what?
Nothing better to do?
Why don't you kick yourself out
You're an immigrant too?

Who's using who?
What should we do?
Well, you can't be a pimp
And a prostitue too.

Icky thump
Handcuffed to a bunk
Robbed blind
Looked around
And there was nobody else

Left alone
I hit myself with a stone
Went home and learned how
To clean up after myself.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

La Mafia

No, la mafia italiana no me late. Ésta sí, es toda kitsch-mexicano-ternurita. Si no me creen oigan aquí una de sus rolas clásicas retechulas o vean uno de sus videos.

Friday, June 01, 2007

Turismo Abortivo

Baboseando en los blogs de Milenio me encontré un comentario que me llevó a este post sobre turismo abortivo. Está curado, pero eso sí, sólo lo recomiendo para gentes de mente abierta y con un amplio sentido del humor. Lo quoteo aquí abajo.

"El universal publicó un estudio que señala que uno de cada 4 abortos legales se practica en estudiantes además, de que han venido mujeres del interior de la república. Este reporte se lo mande a Sir Celta, este tipo de humor negro, acido, irreverente y brutalmente honesto se lo debo a el, la idea original es de el, derechos de autor aquí estan.

Por lo que propongo un spot publicitario para promocionar los viajes turístico-abortivos, que general empleos indirectos y además mejoran la economía, aquí mi spot publicitario:

El gobierno del distrito federal, la ciudad de la esperanza, te ofrece:

Paquete libres (paquete de los embarazos no deseados) tours para embarazadas: consiste en 3 días 2 noches que incluye:

-Autobús con aire acondicionado, bolsitas para las náuseas y el vómito.

-Equipados con muchos baños para las embarazadas, aire acondicionado, sillones cómodos, para que viajen cómoda y placenteramente.

-Servicio para el choro a tu familia. Nuestra agencia mandará invitaciones a la casa de los padres para decirles: su hija se ganó un viaje al D.F. y pues si hablan sus papás, marcaran a la agencia la cual seguiría el juego y apoyarìa su versión.

-Olores agradables y alimentos, surtido con los antojos más comunes de estas NOfuturas mamitas: mangos con chile, jícamas, pepinos, fresas, duraznos, pasteles y todo lo que a la mujer embarazada se le pueda antojar.

-Gigoló para esos antojos vespertinos.

-Pantuflas por aquello de los pies hinchados.

-Kleanex para ese llanto sin razón aparente.

-La colección de Polo Polo para que puedan reír y no pensar en otras cosas que puedan hacer que se arrepientan.

-Video: soy una madre desgraciada, y abandoné a mis hijos (que les sirve como terapia para afianzar su desición).

-Lectura del capitulo de Freakonomics que abarca el tema. (explicación con manzanas incluida).

-Traslado hotel-hospital abortista-hotel.

-Tour a la basílica para que te confieses, te arrepientas y no excomulguen.

-Paseo por el Turibus al papalote museo del niño para que veas de la que te libraste.


(el paquete tiene como elemento opcional una madriza para el padre que no se quiso hacer cargo de la criatura, propinada por un grupo de la PGR).

Para Mayores informes consulta a tu agente de viajes."

Sunday, May 20, 2007

A very bad wedding present

If interested, buy it here.

Smoke and beauty

July the 1st will be one of my happiest days; smoking will be banned in any enclosed area in the UK. For that reason there was a special G2 from The Guardian and in there I found this article about art and smoking. I had already seen the horrible gnome covered with ciggies in the Art Gallery of Dork but I was not really familiar with the rest of the artwork mentioned. The one that I liked the most is, unfortunately, not shown in the website; so I include it here. It is called Violetta of Helmut Newton.Besides the obvious beauty and sex appeal of the model, something that stroke me about this and other Newton's pics was that women were shown rather "hairy".

A while ago I watched this BBC show about hairy women where Shazia Mirza argued, in quite a witty way, that the lack of body hair required as standard for a woman was a stupid imposition from men. A pseudo-feminist that happened to be around while I watched it, grunted in disgust when I told her what the show was about and how Shazia organized a fashion show for underwear modelled by hairy women. As I said, it was a pseudo-feminist, a real (and raving) one would have agreed with the point of Shazia of denouncing that horrible felony against women, instead of being offended by the fashion crime some of the interviewed women committed by letting their body hair grow.

Still, even though I agree it is silly for a man with a hairy ass to reject a woman because she has a hair in her nipple, I hadn't found many representations of beautiful women with body hair with exception of the old Persian carpets showing women with a slight mustache. Therefore I was delighted to see Violetta and other Newton's pics (that you can see here, here and here) where women looked like women (not anorexic teenagers) and have normal "bushes". Enjoy!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Scummy Man

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Music, I love thee

A little click here may help. Thou shalt get it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Y ya que estamos en los viejos recuerdos del ayeeeeer....

Who is Don Meme?

For those who don't know him, he used to be my uni sweetheart quite a few years back. Well today I googled him (yes, I do that to everyone I know) and I found out he has a wikipedia page!

Éanna had already shown to me wikipedia sites with fake (and hilarious) info, but I never expected to see this about someone I knew that well.

Before the eons take the site down I transcribe it.

Don Meme

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

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Don Meme is a mythical character of the city of Puebla, in Mexico. He appears in a series of short stories called Cronicas de San Gabriel, authored by Miguel Soriano. Although many critics claim that Don Meme was based on an actual musician, there is no sure evidence that proves or disproves such statement.

The crhonicles characterize Don Meme as a mystical, wise guru, which tends to avoid being involved in sentimental, political or entrepreneurial affairs, but constantly fails in such task and is always is dragged into turmoil.

As a musician, he is recognized as one of the founders of local guitar playing circuits, and has mentored different band projects as La Vaca, Sound Effect. He is said to have been a tutor of the well known satriani-oriented guitarist Chore.

Aside from the chronicles, Don Meme has been quoted on different literary projects, and allegedly a real life citizen in the city of Puebla has borne his name. Such fellow, whose real identity can be either Angel Centurion or Miguel Montero has been involved on diverse activities, ranging from politics, literature, academics and business.

Other myths related to Don Meme

Don Meme is also said to be such an entity that appears as soon as a bohemian pary is summoned. Several myths talk about Don Meme appearing on scene as soon as a bottle of alcohol and a guitar is present. In such situation Don Meme starts playing the music and it is the time when profound phylosophical topics are treated. Ranging from simple politics, all the way to the origin of life. Don Meme is almos always a controverial character that plays most of the times the Devil's advocate role. He is greatly appreciated by his peers, colleagues and close friends, group of friends that is also made of other mythical characters.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Who wants to be a Joostanaire?

Who wants a Joost invite? Gimme your email and I'll send you one. You should watch Total Recall there. It is deliciously daft.

Monday, May 07, 2007

La foto de la semana

El chivito asked me what was the difference between this 'art', porn and exhibitionism. The answer is easy: lack of morbidness of the viewer and the exposer. I was never a fan of Tunick but I didn't hate him either. His former pics seemed beautiful to me but a bit too bland. I have never been in a nude beach, but I think the naked body is not a dirty thing that should be underexposed; so no real shock on seeing loads of dangling bits and hairy lumps everywhere. Thus, I thought his pics from Mexico wouldn't cause me any more relevant impression than the previous ones. I was wrong. I love them. A lot.

I am not sure it was just him. From my previous opinion of his work I am more inclined to say it has more to do with the blood-links I have with the race lying, embracing, smiling, squatting and jumping naked in his pictures; and how beautiful, peaceful, natural, brownish, ordinary and glib they look!

And next to the Cathedral! Which won't appear in the pics but who cares. On your face Norberto et al! We are more than what you and I think we are.

Update: OmarHG comenta que las siguientes frases fueron oídas:

“ ¡¡Norberto Rivera, el pueblo se te encuera!! ”

“ ¡¡Spencer, hermano, nos viste todo el ano!! ”

Update 2:
“ ¡¡Serrano Limón, te pego un arrimón!! ”

Thursday, May 03, 2007