Tuesday, January 30, 2007

City of animals

It was way past three in the morning. The cold and emptyness of the streets were releaving. While I crossed the bridge I saw the drunk. He was leaning near the fence, pulling something I couldn't quite see. I kept walking.

-Hey! Madame, could you help me!? My pet is trapped!

I crossed the street and as I got nearer I noticed it, dead on the other side of the fence. It's tail exposed out through one of the many holes of the fence.

-That is not your pet! It's a fox, leave it alone!

A gay couple approached too and asked me what the hell was the drunk doing. One of them started shouting that he shouldn't be touching a wild animal, he'd get vermin.
-But it is my pet. *Sobs*

More shouting and failed reasononing. I remained quiet.

-*Giggles* Smile at the camera!

We remained in silence.

-It doesn't need it anymore! It's dead. *Pulls*

I looked at the dead fox, he seemed in peace, beautiful even for a city fox. The drunk kept arguing with the gay couple and trying to separate the fox's tail while I was leaving.

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