Sunday, February 04, 2007

Marian and Jona

Marian and Jona were about to have lunch when the two Christians arrived in the coffee shop. An oriental guy, probably Korean, and a random girl, both with pads, pens and paper. They stopped at the table behind Marian and Joe; it wasn't very far, so they heard the whole conversation hold behind their backs.

-Hi I am *some name* of the Christian Union and I'd like you to answer a questionnaire.
-I think I've had answered that questionnaire quite a few times...
-OK thanks! *grin*

Jona nodded and glanced as far away from the aisle as he could. Marian rummaged uncomfortably in her sit. The girl smiled and repeated her formula; Marian turned around, flinched and pouted.

-We are about to have lunch...
-OK no problem! *maniac grin*

The Christians left and Joe came back from his pretended inner thoughts. Marian smiled.

-If she wants to go around convincing people she should shave. If God is love he doesn’t love her then. Her moustache hair waved towards me as she talked. Grows!
-Jeez, not a good marketing strategy indeed! Maybe it's just lack of sex and the results of accumulated hormones.

A few minutes later, Marian and Jona –chewing mouthfuls of fish & chisp- were greeted by the other Christian, the Korean guy. They replied to his advances with food sprouting out of their mouths. Not very convinced of what he had been told, the Christian guy left.

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