Thursday, March 29, 2007

Yo sí les limpio la mugrita con la lengua

A fine example of good entrainment

Tuesday, March 27, 2007


Ok, I shouldn't laugh because this is serious. Yes, I am pro-choice. No, I am not comecuras. Yes, I am against paedophilia. Sorry, but I can't stop laughing at this fine example of mockery.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Machine

Now in youtube! Please distribute!

God wants me to find beautiful things like these pics

¡Oh qué chido es el rancherito carnivoro!

La sexy tortillera.

Friday, March 23, 2007

Some serious humour

A year ago, I decided Catherine Tate was a darn good comedian. Her sketch in the Royal Variety Performance earned my heart and respect.

By the way, this transmission was historical, I don't think anyone ever did that to the Queen. And this year for the Comic Relief appeal, she surprised me again.

I am not sure this would be possible in México :( We are far behind in TV comedy.

Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Love love me, love love me

Why would anyone not love Mika?

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Conejo en la Luna

The only reason I updated my spec prescription is that I wanted to be able to watch the rabbit on the moon again. Gee, it had been a while since the last time I saw it clearly! At some point someone told me with bare disbelief that there wasn't any rabbit on the moon. It angered me because I couldn't see it, describe it and prove this person wrong.

I've always been short-sighted, but that didn't seem to be the problem this time. My very cute optician confirmed it was something else; I had to blame my lack of moon-vision on my bloody newly-acquired astigmatism.

I don't look any different, I bought more less the same type of specs. I tried the very stylish square glasses all fashionable Mediterranean chicks seem to use these days, but I had to say no. With a grunt of discontent I can assure you, squarish specs don't work well for a computer scientist. A graphic designer, environmental economist or English literature student looks chic on those thick specs. A computer scientist looks nerdier than necessary.

When I looked in the mirror and I saw myself with those dark four-sided glasses I immediately thought of a bloke I recently saw in the department. He looked stereotypically geeky, but the highlight was that he wore a black t-shirt with a white-letter logo: "No, I won't fix your computer". You can easily picture him, just think about the guy you would go and ask to do all the tiresome drill your pc/gadget/gizmo requires, and he not only would dig on the problem but would be excited and brag about it with his mates. The problem is that this bloke on that tee was just absurdly assuring you he was a boring computer scientist and you were right thinking he had no social skills at all. That phrase shows he dies to install and manage computer "stuff" (and meet girls and see real boobs, according to some of my friends), however he thinks he is "cool" (and better than everyone else) so he is already advising you he refuses to help the world. Sad attempt to raise a diminished self-importance (me thinks).

I enjoy my subject but it's not my life. I don't care if other people don't know about computers, it's not my problem. I don't feel compelled to teach them about the beauty of installing Linux in a Comodore 64. I don't use the 918273192371 functions my mobile has. And overall, I don't like to be immediately associated with the cliché of the typical computer scientist, screaming his wisdom in the computer world. Those glasses yell at everyone "I am clever, I do computer science". Therefore, I wouldn't even try to look "smarter" by choosing them.

I can proudly say loads of people are honestly shocked when they learn I am one of these "odd" computer scientists. I love breaking daft clichés. So no desire whatsoever to change the image I project. I believe many computer scientist are like me, but somehow we get represented almost always by elements of the over-enthusiastic kind. Who knows.

In other -and more important- matters, I wanted to add a pic of the rabbit to this post, but it seems that people see different rabbits on the moon. Thus, I added the two I found. Here you have them.

I now copy below the Mexican legend of the rabbit on the moon (in Spanish).

Quetzalcóatl, el dios grande y bueno, se fue a viajar una vez por el mundo en figura de hombre. Como había caminado todo un día, a la caída de la tarde se sintió fatigado y con hambre. Pero todavía siguió caminando, caminando, hasta que las estrellas comenzaron a brillar y la luna se asomó a la ventana de los cielos. Entonces se sentó a la orilla del camino, y estaba allí descansando, cuando vio a un conejito que había salido a cenar.

-¿Qué estás comiendo?, - le preguntó.

-Estoy comiendo zacate. ¿Quieres un poco?

-Gracias, pero yo no como zacate.

-¿Qué vas a hacer entonces?

-Morirme tal vez de hambre y de sed.

El conejito se acercó a Quetzalcóatl y le dijo;

-Mira, yo no soy más que un conejito, pero si tienes hambre, cómeme, estoy aquí.

Entonces el dios acarició al conejito y le dijo:

-Tú no serás más que un conejito, pero todo el mundo, para siempre, se ha de acordar de ti.

Y lo levantó alto, muy alto, hasta la luna, donde quedó estampada la figura del conejo. Después el dios lo bajó a la tierra y le dijo:

-Ahí tienes tu retrato en luz, para todos los hombres y para todos los tiempos.

Friday, March 09, 2007

Why, if never before, I wonder...?

Thursday, March 08, 2007

El Venadito

I went so see some moronic movie yesterday. Pretty mindless entertainment but I am not complaining, I wanted it that way.

Thus, I was pretty surprised when they screened a short film before the movie. An even more shocking thing was that the short was Mexican. I had no idea who the actors or the crew were, but undoubtedly it was a short from my homeland.

The idea portrayed was pretty simple, typical Mexican family goes on a trip to the country and finds a little deer. And you may ask, what is the awesome bit? Well as any prototypical Mexican family would do, they take the little deer with them, to their home. They feed him with sweets, tacos and beer. The lil' deer shits all over the place only to be told off like a dog who has been naughty. Afterwards, the mom gives the deer some Pepto Bismol to help with the terrible diarrhoea their unhealthy feeding has caused. At the end, the little deer escapes from the house to the dangerous city because someone forgets to lock the door (it probably ends up in a great meal like that poor deer found a few days ago in a hospital of Yucatán and eaten by some cops).

I love Mexican effortless kitsch and this is a very good example of it. We are so deliciously uncivilised. We enjoy giving our pets a taste of our own food, and eat the food after it was licked/bitten/munched by the adorable creatures. Parents make out while children are playing a few steps away, specially in the woods or in a park. We love adopting wild animals. Oh bless! We have no idea how odd our behaviour seems to the people of this side of the pond.

The film set me in a nostalgic mood. I was also bothered because I could't find any info about the short at all. I just remembered the word "invitado" from the title, but IMDB spat back some random unrelated films. Pity.

Saturday, March 03, 2007


S: I think I lost the capacity to snap.

C: What?

S: Yes, I lost the ability to react violently against others. Living among nice sweet little people has numbed me. It has forced me to stay silent and scared when I am under attack.

P: Under attack? This ain't no war...

S: Who's talking about war? You don't need wars to feel the crave to brutally regain control after you loose it to others. Remember that movie where some Austrians are terrorised by educated and polite serial killers? That's a good example. The bloody family fails to react. Although their will to survive is there, they are paralysed by their fear; the instinct that pushes you to get even and possibly murder the attackers is lost under layers and layers of woozy civility. Holding back the hunter leaves you unarmed and shaky at the first sight of blood.

C: What makes you think you wouldn't react?

P: You are already wicked under any other circumstances.

S: Wicked, sarcastic, humoured... bleagh. All civilised and socially accepted ways to confront. They are of no use for me anymore. I need to know I can kill.

C: Everyone can kill.


S: That is such a stupid statement I am just going to pretend you remained politely quiet instead!

P: What are you gonna do?

S: I believe I need to release my maniac side every now and then. Feel it alive. Give it a taste of what's real. I want it there alert and aware, just in case.

C: So are you gonna go on a killing spree of kittens to wake it up?

S: I ain't no Lenore mate! Zip it!

C: Are your neighbours better targets?


S: Have you been reading my copy of Johnny The Homicidal Maniac before going to bed? That'd explain the yellow patches on your bed sheets. Shush!

P: Anyway, why do you want that homicidal instinct on you? Too much of it can turn you into a sheer psycho that ends up killing the bus driver cos' he ain't got change for a £50 note.

S: I don't want to go insane of course, but I just don't want to be conditioned either. I feel I can't live since I realise I need my beast. I am starting to feel oppressed for keeping it in. I imagine if I give it some way out of my system from time to time, I'll benefit and I won't go crazy. I guess yelling and scaring a few random arseholes sounds like a good start. Then, I'll punch some annoying bastard, just for the fun of it. After that I don't know, what ever it comes.

C: Punch someone! Ha ha, you nancy...


P: Wait, no.....

C: Arggggh....

S: You can't say I didn't warn you. Your tooth is behind that chair.