Thursday, March 08, 2007

El Venadito

I went so see some moronic movie yesterday. Pretty mindless entertainment but I am not complaining, I wanted it that way.

Thus, I was pretty surprised when they screened a short film before the movie. An even more shocking thing was that the short was Mexican. I had no idea who the actors or the crew were, but undoubtedly it was a short from my homeland.

The idea portrayed was pretty simple, typical Mexican family goes on a trip to the country and finds a little deer. And you may ask, what is the awesome bit? Well as any prototypical Mexican family would do, they take the little deer with them, to their home. They feed him with sweets, tacos and beer. The lil' deer shits all over the place only to be told off like a dog who has been naughty. Afterwards, the mom gives the deer some Pepto Bismol to help with the terrible diarrhoea their unhealthy feeding has caused. At the end, the little deer escapes from the house to the dangerous city because someone forgets to lock the door (it probably ends up in a great meal like that poor deer found a few days ago in a hospital of Yucatán and eaten by some cops).

I love Mexican effortless kitsch and this is a very good example of it. We are so deliciously uncivilised. We enjoy giving our pets a taste of our own food, and eat the food after it was licked/bitten/munched by the adorable creatures. Parents make out while children are playing a few steps away, specially in the woods or in a park. We love adopting wild animals. Oh bless! We have no idea how odd our behaviour seems to the people of this side of the pond.

The film set me in a nostalgic mood. I was also bothered because I could't find any info about the short at all. I just remembered the word "invitado" from the title, but IMDB spat back some random unrelated films. Pity.

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