Thursday, April 26, 2007

I hate fur coats

Please don't buy that shit. Specially if you live in Greece or Italy (the places in Europe I've seen so far with most fur-coat shops). You only need them in extreme cold, and not because they look nice.

Ad courtesy of Switch!
Kind note: Download the CD of Pravda. It rocks!
Update: Another one with Sophie.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Is there an honourable way of wasting time?

No, there isn't one, but at least it can be fun. Well, in a sort of geeky way. In this website you can transform a picture of your self
and see how you could look if you were of a different gender (darn! I look like a mafia dude)

or were a Modigliani painting

or an anime character (I look soooo lovely and cute awwwww!)

I also played around with pics of my mates. I changed one into an ape. I hope he doesn't mind hi hi hi.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

De lo sublime a lo ridículo

Arturito (AKA el chivito) and myself share a liking for fugly old Mexican movies. During Arturo's bday party, he decided to screen two movies of El Santo to the amusement of many and dislike of some, far more refined, Mexicans.

I know we are not the only ones with a sweet tooth for bad taste, many more people appreciate the beauty in the hideousness of things. As Mexicans we are breed into that. We live in a world with odd advertisements possessing various misspells (once I saw one saying se venden volzaz), colores chillantes on everything (bright pink and electric blue are my personal favourites), sofas foiled with thick transparent plastic, amorphous murals, yellow old beetles, bands like Timbiriche or Menudo, ridiculous soap operas, series and movies, and so and so. I could say the list is endless.

Today I found the cover of an old plate of Cepillín and I could not stop confirming watching and listening Cepillín during my childhood was one of the causes of my predisposition for kitsch. This cover engalana a page of bizarrerecords.
By the way, I would be very happy if I could have a shirt like the one he is wearing. I used to have one I stole from my mother, but I lost it a few years ago.

In England you find a different sort of kistch, mostly in the way people dress. However, there is a sense of order and cleanness on it, because unless they are drunk, they do worry about looking "nice".
We Mexicans accept the grime and the horrid poverty up to their full extent. You see in México people walking with t-shirts of past political campaigns (sometimes so transparent you can see their nipples) and you don't flinch. Sweaty after a day of work, a Mexican knows life is dirty and buzzing with flies, what would he/she mind that?

Thus my liking for low-brow art and subversive art. Why everything should be beautiful and inside of a tidy museum? Why not art in the drainage, in the tube, or better on some random wall or building. Banksy is one of my favourite artists of this kind. Born and breed in the land of politeness and etiquette, he has none. Here you have one of my preferred stencils.
Among his achievements we can count that the Tate Modern hates this bloke because he vandalised its entrance stairs with prints that warned the people about the contents (Mind the Crap), he altered some Paris Hilton CDs making her look like a porn actress (well, she sort of is), include (illegally) his work of art in several exhibitions, and painted the Queen Victoria sitting over a woman with the Queen's crotch on the woman's face.

So, go and watch some Capulina film, it is popular art after all!

This was a very random post, as you can see, but I am glad I wrote it.

Monday, April 09, 2007


Finally, the DVD and OST of Shortbus arrived...

Thursday, April 05, 2007

London on ice

Spring is around the corner, yet I don't feel like blossoming inside the coldish house I've been sitting. The good thing is I am not alone, Boobooloo (or Bubulu in Spanish), my friend's kitty, keeps me company all the time (he's so bloody needy!). His gorgeous blackness mews everyday at six or seven am to awake me into a new morning. Oh, the hard life of a city kitten!

Sadly, I've been rotting in a small town for far too long; so today when I realised I am going back to Dork on Monday, I felt doomed. I love living in a city and I love London. The borough where I am staying is full of Indians, Turkish, Africans and Polish and so and so. People dress colorfully and look so different from each other. Noisy weird languages tickle my ears on my way to the tube. The shops are stocked with food tagged with unreadable instructions. And I love that. Everyday I go to the shop and I buy something I never ate before and I am delighted with my findings. I've found also deliciously familiar stuff like plantain and tamarind. I feel no different from anyone around me. I can't fail to notice they treat me like yet another Londoner with a funny accent, one just like them. Who could hate all this?I was excited to find out there is an ice rink near the place I am staying. I never skated on ice in Mexico (to darn pricey and snobbish). However I did loads of rollerblade skating during my high school years that came handy when in a recent trip (probably the worst trip I've done in my life; everything that could go wrong went wrong) I had the chance to do some ice skating. I can't say I was in the mood, but giving the fact I was already having a shitty time, I decided I'd give it a try. As a result of the much unexpected fun I had, the whole skating thingy became one of the good highlights of the trip. I was not fantastic but you could say I managed after relatively few rounds. I thought I enjoyed myself enough to give it another go some time soon, so right at the end of the grand-voyage I bought myself a beautiful pair of blades, my special gift to commemorate the fucking trip was finally over.I didn't have many chances to wear my skates since, as I said, I live in a town not many people dare to call a city. During the winter holidays an outdoors ice rink was placed in the city centre, and I made my British debut there and then. But the fun was all over when they took the ice rink away in January. Thus, before I came down to London I decided to take the skates with me, just in case I found a rink nearby, which I happily did. The rink is in a community centre that is the brit version of a Polideportivo in Mexico. At least the level of grime in each corner and the utter lack of hygiene in the toilets reminded me of the cute Polideportivos of Mexicalpan. The place is called Alexandra Palace and it is placed on the top of a hill, about 15 min by bike from the house I am staying. It is is huge, with a beautiful old facade full of an air of old magnificence. I skated there for an hour the day before yesterday, and I will go back later today for sure. As I said, I love London.P.S. I went to a progressive rock fest to see Haggard and surprise surprise no one bloody knew them. Of course they were amazed by them after they saw them but I could hardly believe they are more famous on the other side of the pond than here, where Germany is just around the corner.