Saturday, April 14, 2007

De lo sublime a lo ridículo

Arturito (AKA el chivito) and myself share a liking for fugly old Mexican movies. During Arturo's bday party, he decided to screen two movies of El Santo to the amusement of many and dislike of some, far more refined, Mexicans.

I know we are not the only ones with a sweet tooth for bad taste, many more people appreciate the beauty in the hideousness of things. As Mexicans we are breed into that. We live in a world with odd advertisements possessing various misspells (once I saw one saying se venden volzaz), colores chillantes on everything (bright pink and electric blue are my personal favourites), sofas foiled with thick transparent plastic, amorphous murals, yellow old beetles, bands like Timbiriche or Menudo, ridiculous soap operas, series and movies, and so and so. I could say the list is endless.

Today I found the cover of an old plate of Cepillín and I could not stop confirming watching and listening Cepillín during my childhood was one of the causes of my predisposition for kitsch. This cover engalana a page of bizarrerecords.
By the way, I would be very happy if I could have a shirt like the one he is wearing. I used to have one I stole from my mother, but I lost it a few years ago.

In England you find a different sort of kistch, mostly in the way people dress. However, there is a sense of order and cleanness on it, because unless they are drunk, they do worry about looking "nice".
We Mexicans accept the grime and the horrid poverty up to their full extent. You see in México people walking with t-shirts of past political campaigns (sometimes so transparent you can see their nipples) and you don't flinch. Sweaty after a day of work, a Mexican knows life is dirty and buzzing with flies, what would he/she mind that?

Thus my liking for low-brow art and subversive art. Why everything should be beautiful and inside of a tidy museum? Why not art in the drainage, in the tube, or better on some random wall or building. Banksy is one of my favourite artists of this kind. Born and breed in the land of politeness and etiquette, he has none. Here you have one of my preferred stencils.
Among his achievements we can count that the Tate Modern hates this bloke because he vandalised its entrance stairs with prints that warned the people about the contents (Mind the Crap), he altered some Paris Hilton CDs making her look like a porn actress (well, she sort of is), include (illegally) his work of art in several exhibitions, and painted the Queen Victoria sitting over a woman with the Queen's crotch on the woman's face.

So, go and watch some Capulina film, it is popular art after all!

This was a very random post, as you can see, but I am glad I wrote it.


Nodens said...

hay una cinta que reune a todos los comicos mexicanos de la etapa clasica blanco y negro : "viaje a la luna", aparecen 3 de los 4 Hermanos Valdez (german,manuel y ramon, del cuarto no recuerdo ahora su nombre, pero el se dedico 100% al cabaret y solo trabajo para la TV con Hector Suarez), el tio Gamboin cuando aun hacia d comparsa de chabelo, y un largo etc. por el lado visual, aparacia Analuisa Peluffo moviendo su hermoso palmito vestida como salome :p hmm hmmm. Yo sospecho que fuiste sobrina del tio Gambion }:p

titab said...

No llegué a eso, pero si quise jaja

marco_099 said...

Si. como que se ha puesto muy de moda las peliculas del santo, yo confieso no soy tan fan, me gusta lo freaky un ratito pero despues ya. Lo ultimo freaky que he visto es el superman de la India, Coyoacan Joe y el delfin hasta el fin con su video de las torres gemelas. Ya los viste??
Saludos peque.

titab said...

Igual y si todo es kitsch, te saturas no?

eM said...

Ningún mexicano que diga eeww al ver las películas del Santo está bien wey y secretamente debe ser también fan pero lo niega por mamón, no por refinado.

El Santo es la neta del planeta. Punto.