Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Is there an honourable way of wasting time?

No, there isn't one, but at least it can be fun. Well, in a sort of geeky way. In this website you can transform a picture of your self
and see how you could look if you were of a different gender (darn! I look like a mafia dude)

or were a Modigliani painting

or an anime character (I look soooo lovely and cute awwwww!)

I also played around with pics of my mates. I changed one into an ape. I hope he doesn't mind hi hi hi.


Nodens said...

shale, creo que siempre si leiste el ranking, ¿verdad? :p, yo ni le muevo, de por si siempre decian que tengo cara de logo de sabritas (el antiguo del rostro sonriente)

Switch! said...

jaaaaaaaaaaaa, que risa la última foto :P

marco_099 said...

Aauuu que guapetona eh? Buena foto.
Que manchada con tu cuate jajaja.

Rahvi said...

Hahahaha, genial ese site

titab said...

Sí, soy yo merita en una de las pocas fotos donde me gusta como salí. El sitio es hilarante, lo único friki es verte de viejo.