Sunday, May 20, 2007

A very bad wedding present

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Smoke and beauty

July the 1st will be one of my happiest days; smoking will be banned in any enclosed area in the UK. For that reason there was a special G2 from The Guardian and in there I found this article about art and smoking. I had already seen the horrible gnome covered with ciggies in the Art Gallery of Dork but I was not really familiar with the rest of the artwork mentioned. The one that I liked the most is, unfortunately, not shown in the website; so I include it here. It is called Violetta of Helmut Newton.Besides the obvious beauty and sex appeal of the model, something that stroke me about this and other Newton's pics was that women were shown rather "hairy".

A while ago I watched this BBC show about hairy women where Shazia Mirza argued, in quite a witty way, that the lack of body hair required as standard for a woman was a stupid imposition from men. A pseudo-feminist that happened to be around while I watched it, grunted in disgust when I told her what the show was about and how Shazia organized a fashion show for underwear modelled by hairy women. As I said, it was a pseudo-feminist, a real (and raving) one would have agreed with the point of Shazia of denouncing that horrible felony against women, instead of being offended by the fashion crime some of the interviewed women committed by letting their body hair grow.

Still, even though I agree it is silly for a man with a hairy ass to reject a woman because she has a hair in her nipple, I hadn't found many representations of beautiful women with body hair with exception of the old Persian carpets showing women with a slight mustache. Therefore I was delighted to see Violetta and other Newton's pics (that you can see here, here and here) where women looked like women (not anorexic teenagers) and have normal "bushes". Enjoy!

Friday, May 18, 2007

Scummy Man

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Music, I love thee

A little click here may help. Thou shalt get it.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Y ya que estamos en los viejos recuerdos del ayeeeeer....

Who is Don Meme?

For those who don't know him, he used to be my uni sweetheart quite a few years back. Well today I googled him (yes, I do that to everyone I know) and I found out he has a wikipedia page!

Éanna had already shown to me wikipedia sites with fake (and hilarious) info, but I never expected to see this about someone I knew that well.

Before the eons take the site down I transcribe it.

Don Meme

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Don Meme is a mythical character of the city of Puebla, in Mexico. He appears in a series of short stories called Cronicas de San Gabriel, authored by Miguel Soriano. Although many critics claim that Don Meme was based on an actual musician, there is no sure evidence that proves or disproves such statement.

The crhonicles characterize Don Meme as a mystical, wise guru, which tends to avoid being involved in sentimental, political or entrepreneurial affairs, but constantly fails in such task and is always is dragged into turmoil.

As a musician, he is recognized as one of the founders of local guitar playing circuits, and has mentored different band projects as La Vaca, Sound Effect. He is said to have been a tutor of the well known satriani-oriented guitarist Chore.

Aside from the chronicles, Don Meme has been quoted on different literary projects, and allegedly a real life citizen in the city of Puebla has borne his name. Such fellow, whose real identity can be either Angel Centurion or Miguel Montero has been involved on diverse activities, ranging from politics, literature, academics and business.

Other myths related to Don Meme

Don Meme is also said to be such an entity that appears as soon as a bohemian pary is summoned. Several myths talk about Don Meme appearing on scene as soon as a bottle of alcohol and a guitar is present. In such situation Don Meme starts playing the music and it is the time when profound phylosophical topics are treated. Ranging from simple politics, all the way to the origin of life. Don Meme is almos always a controverial character that plays most of the times the Devil's advocate role. He is greatly appreciated by his peers, colleagues and close friends, group of friends that is also made of other mythical characters.

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Who wants to be a Joostanaire?

Who wants a Joost invite? Gimme your email and I'll send you one. You should watch Total Recall there. It is deliciously daft.

Monday, May 07, 2007

La foto de la semana

El chivito asked me what was the difference between this 'art', porn and exhibitionism. The answer is easy: lack of morbidness of the viewer and the exposer. I was never a fan of Tunick but I didn't hate him either. His former pics seemed beautiful to me but a bit too bland. I have never been in a nude beach, but I think the naked body is not a dirty thing that should be underexposed; so no real shock on seeing loads of dangling bits and hairy lumps everywhere. Thus, I thought his pics from Mexico wouldn't cause me any more relevant impression than the previous ones. I was wrong. I love them. A lot.

I am not sure it was just him. From my previous opinion of his work I am more inclined to say it has more to do with the blood-links I have with the race lying, embracing, smiling, squatting and jumping naked in his pictures; and how beautiful, peaceful, natural, brownish, ordinary and glib they look!

And next to the Cathedral! Which won't appear in the pics but who cares. On your face Norberto et al! We are more than what you and I think we are.

Update: OmarHG comenta que las siguientes frases fueron oídas:

“ ¡¡Norberto Rivera, el pueblo se te encuera!! ”

“ ¡¡Spencer, hermano, nos viste todo el ano!! ”

Update 2:
“ ¡¡Serrano Limón, te pego un arrimón!! ”

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Pity it is so short

But well, I am small and I couldn't really see it anymore :(