Monday, May 07, 2007

La foto de la semana

El chivito asked me what was the difference between this 'art', porn and exhibitionism. The answer is easy: lack of morbidness of the viewer and the exposer. I was never a fan of Tunick but I didn't hate him either. His former pics seemed beautiful to me but a bit too bland. I have never been in a nude beach, but I think the naked body is not a dirty thing that should be underexposed; so no real shock on seeing loads of dangling bits and hairy lumps everywhere. Thus, I thought his pics from Mexico wouldn't cause me any more relevant impression than the previous ones. I was wrong. I love them. A lot.

I am not sure it was just him. From my previous opinion of his work I am more inclined to say it has more to do with the blood-links I have with the race lying, embracing, smiling, squatting and jumping naked in his pictures; and how beautiful, peaceful, natural, brownish, ordinary and glib they look!

And next to the Cathedral! Which won't appear in the pics but who cares. On your face Norberto et al! We are more than what you and I think we are.

Update: OmarHG comenta que las siguientes frases fueron oídas:

“ ¡¡Norberto Rivera, el pueblo se te encuera!! ”

“ ¡¡Spencer, hermano, nos viste todo el ano!! ”

Update 2:
“ ¡¡Serrano Limón, te pego un arrimón!! ”


Nodens said...

No he visto la fotografia final, solo las de los diarios matutinos y en esas si aparece la catedral (jejejeje :p) salio publicado hoy que hizo otra toma de solo mujeres peinadas a la frida Kahlo, me parece que en la casa museo idem.
Gunnar, amigo de Victor participo en el evento y puso sus impresiones en su blog :

Rahvi said...

Esta fregona, donde puedo encontrar las imágenes esas de México?

titab said...

Yo encontré en El Universal y en esmas, pero seguro google te dá mejores resultados.

Omar said...


Ahora imaginate a toda esa gente gritando esta fráse: "Norberto Rivera, el pueblo se te encuera" y está otra "Spencer, hermano, nos viste todo el ano".

Jajaja, bueno, eso fue lo que me dijeron ;-)

Ing. Cardioide said...

Jajaja estuvo impresionante la cantidad de gente que fue. Y esa foto del de la silla de ruedas fue impactante!

Aloha! Saludos!