Sunday, May 20, 2007

Smoke and beauty

July the 1st will be one of my happiest days; smoking will be banned in any enclosed area in the UK. For that reason there was a special G2 from The Guardian and in there I found this article about art and smoking. I had already seen the horrible gnome covered with ciggies in the Art Gallery of Dork but I was not really familiar with the rest of the artwork mentioned. The one that I liked the most is, unfortunately, not shown in the website; so I include it here. It is called Violetta of Helmut Newton.Besides the obvious beauty and sex appeal of the model, something that stroke me about this and other Newton's pics was that women were shown rather "hairy".

A while ago I watched this BBC show about hairy women where Shazia Mirza argued, in quite a witty way, that the lack of body hair required as standard for a woman was a stupid imposition from men. A pseudo-feminist that happened to be around while I watched it, grunted in disgust when I told her what the show was about and how Shazia organized a fashion show for underwear modelled by hairy women. As I said, it was a pseudo-feminist, a real (and raving) one would have agreed with the point of Shazia of denouncing that horrible felony against women, instead of being offended by the fashion crime some of the interviewed women committed by letting their body hair grow.

Still, even though I agree it is silly for a man with a hairy ass to reject a woman because she has a hair in her nipple, I hadn't found many representations of beautiful women with body hair with exception of the old Persian carpets showing women with a slight mustache. Therefore I was delighted to see Violetta and other Newton's pics (that you can see here, here and here) where women looked like women (not anorexic teenagers) and have normal "bushes". Enjoy!


Nodens said...

Esa foto me trajo recuerdos de la serie tomada a Tina Modotti (y de las que un muy precoz Eli de Gorati fue testigo detras de los tinacos del edificio) y algunas fotografias de Robert Mapplethorpe. Pero, en especial de este texto que me pase toda la semana buscando donde lo habia leido, y al fin esta aqui:

El Monstruo

Marta sale, con su madre, de la exposición de pintura, muy seria. Desde hace una temporada, se hace a si misma una pregunta indiscreta, e intenta, en vano, responder a ella. Aquel paseo entre los cuadros aumenta todavía más su turbación. Ha visto a las mas bellas mujeres que existen, sin velo alguno y tan claramente dibujadas, que ella hubiera podido seguir, con la punta del dedo, las venas azules bajo las pieles blancas, contar los dientes, los rizos, y hasta las sombras sobre los labios.
Pero a todas les faltaba algo.
¡Y sin embargo ha visto a las más bellas mujeres que existen!
Marta da a su madre una “buenas noches” tristes, entra a su cuarto, y se desnuda llena de temor.
La Luna, luminosa y fría, refleja las imágenes, apresándolas, Marta, inquieta, alza sus brazos puros. Como una rama que, con esfuerzo lento, se mueve y muestra un nido.
Marta, candorosa, no se atreve apenas a mirar su vientre desnudo, semejante a la avenida de un jardín, donde crece la hierba fina.
Y Marta se dice: “¿Seré yo un monstruo, entre todas las mujeres?”

Jules Renard

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Jajajajaja ¡qué cuento mas bueno!