Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Who is Don Meme?

For those who don't know him, he used to be my uni sweetheart quite a few years back. Well today I googled him (yes, I do that to everyone I know) and I found out he has a wikipedia page!

Éanna had already shown to me wikipedia sites with fake (and hilarious) info, but I never expected to see this about someone I knew that well.

Before the eons take the site down I transcribe it.

Don Meme

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Don Meme is a mythical character of the city of Puebla, in Mexico. He appears in a series of short stories called Cronicas de San Gabriel, authored by Miguel Soriano. Although many critics claim that Don Meme was based on an actual musician, there is no sure evidence that proves or disproves such statement.

The crhonicles characterize Don Meme as a mystical, wise guru, which tends to avoid being involved in sentimental, political or entrepreneurial affairs, but constantly fails in such task and is always is dragged into turmoil.

As a musician, he is recognized as one of the founders of local guitar playing circuits, and has mentored different band projects as La Vaca, Sound Effect. He is said to have been a tutor of the well known satriani-oriented guitarist Chore.

Aside from the chronicles, Don Meme has been quoted on different literary projects, and allegedly a real life citizen in the city of Puebla has borne his name. Such fellow, whose real identity can be either Angel Centurion or Miguel Montero has been involved on diverse activities, ranging from politics, literature, academics and business.

Other myths related to Don Meme

Don Meme is also said to be such an entity that appears as soon as a bohemian pary is summoned. Several myths talk about Don Meme appearing on scene as soon as a bottle of alcohol and a guitar is present. In such situation Don Meme starts playing the music and it is the time when profound phylosophical topics are treated. Ranging from simple politics, all the way to the origin of life. Don Meme is almos always a controverial character that plays most of the times the Devil's advocate role. He is greatly appreciated by his peers, colleagues and close friends, group of friends that is also made of other mythical characters.


Nodens said...

jajajaja shale, me recuerda a algunos personajes de Marco A. Almazan (R.I.P. :( ), no recuerdo yo algo similar como leyenda urbana en el D.F., lo curioso es que la entrada este en la version de la wikipedia en Ingles y no en la version en español, lo cual indica la cantidad de PI...ezas POblanas PErfectaS fuera del pais ;)

titab said...

Pues es sabido que la wikipedia en español está llena de intelecutaloides mamertos que rechazan todo. Es más, busca fuck y encuentras en inglés una super descripción. En cambio en español ni la chingada se encuentra.

Creo que por eso se aventaron a crear la paginita en la de inglés.

Nodens said...

uy, eso suena a cierto bbs ... hasta con los profiles acaban, no queda rastro alguno. (con razon cerraron la entrada "hoygan" en la wikipedia)