Tuesday, July 31, 2007


I decided I am going to the Carnival of Salvador Bahia next year :D

Just a few minutes ago

I felt like going to the loo and scream to the top of my lungs. Different men caused me trouble today, so I feel like all male of species should be wiped off. Grrr.
She really knew how to sort out the "men" problem.

P.S. (Wolken). No valgo mil. Valgo $5025. Worale!

Thursday, July 26, 2007


Everything is about it. Bad karma returned to one of my friends recently, and well, that was not very nice :'( However, I must say I always see the positive side of karma. In general, you don't have to seek revenge. You often get avenged by karma, but you are seldom aware of it. But that is not important, karma always gets you. Not because I believe some energetic fluid conspires against a person, it is just simply, that if you cause harm or behave stupidly you'll get back eventually the results of your misdemeanours. No need for a karma police.

That is why I stopped being a Mexican soap-opera character and I stopped swearing to myself to destroy someone. So far, I haven't got the need to bring out the AK-47.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The intellectually challenged people of the gym (and the supermarket, the university, etc, etc)

A while ago I told Alieg I had a huge desire to stick disabled-signs to the cars of people who were obviously not disabled and parked in the reserved spaces.The disabled sign should be accompanied by a label: Non-visible Disability; which is the PC term to enclose any disability that in older times was called retardation. I think they deserve that sign since they can't read or understand simple instructions and civility rules.

I am not the only hater of parking-spaces' thieves. I found this lovely site from where I stole the following pic. I think I will be ordering a lorry of these signs.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

I want to behead

The one who decided to allocate Heroes in the same time-slot of Wire in the Blood.

Monday, July 23, 2007

Requiem for a cartoonist

RIP Fontanarrosa :(

And just to remark how stupid is a state that remains a kingdom, here you have the censored cartoon of the silly prince and princess of Spain.

Truth hurts!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Pass on the wellies!

This is a picture of the town of one of my best friends, whom I planned to visit soon. Nowadays it is underwater and my friend is stranded at home. No chance for a visit then. They are drowning in the Midlands and it keeps raining. Not a real summer this year. Not at all.


Thursday, July 19, 2007

Oh my!

¡Alan Turing era chimuelo!
Alan Turing didn't have a front-tooth!

By the way, they are selling an Enigma machine on ebay. Just a few thousand quids to have this piece of German memorabilia.

If you don't know who the hell Alan Turing was, you deserve to be shot!

Hug me!

Monday, July 16, 2007


As a Simpson

Checkout also Iván and Imoq.

By adding

25 years to Ron Weasley, you can transform him into Lucius Vorenus.

Sunday, July 15, 2007


Tuesday, July 10, 2007

According to Penelopia

The difference between a cute guy and damn hot one is in the hair, specially on the chest.

Me? I can barely remember the nerdy-one after checking out the pics of Molière.

Phrase of the week

I have heard "old enough to bleed, old enough to breed", but not this one. Almost as good as the one El Chivito said: "si hay pelito, no hay delito".

And a funny one: "...and can match him in the huevos department.". Unsurprisingly, stated by an American. I must say this Cabe Wrath series all looks all to Americanised to be British-believable. Even the characters behave like Americans.

Monday, July 09, 2007

Some statements perfect for a t-shirt

Well well, Prague is all beautiful but the TP available was certainly conceived by a follower of Sade with a liking for bleeding arse-holes. I never understood why Alieg was so reticent to buy cheap TP in the UK. Therefore, when I asked the reason and he told me he had been traumatised by the TP of the Soviet Union my foremost assumption was that he exaggerated that memory of his childhood. Well, he clearly didn't.
Traditional TP
Czech Republic preserves the high tradition of sanding your butt instead of wiping it. Czech TP almost makes you wonder if newspaper could be softer. El Chivito mentioned that the awful TP was worth of the fifth world, not even the third one. So anyway, we started thinking we should have tees saying "I survived the Czech TP", and later in the conversation we decided it was much better to have one saying "I survived the 3rd world".
Czech TP
Whenever we found stuff often belonging to the thirdest of the worlds we shouted "Welcome to the third world" or better "Bienvenido al tercer mundo". Somehow I do not think it is offensive (but well I find not many things offensive). The third world possess this reality not even the twilight zone can depict. We are bizarrely real.

A came up with a the picture for a tee, not for myself, but for the general latin people who hate tipping. I hate stingy people. Well I don't really hate them, I hate sharing the bill with them because I feel forced to overcompensate their stinginess. I believe it is an influence of Alieg, and possibly Eanna but with deep roots in my childhood. My daddy, who is stingy as hell and hates me calling him daddy, always gave decent tips in restaurants because service is important for him and if he likes the food and the service he surely comes back to the place. I recognise it is useful to tip decently if you want to become a regular; they tend to remember you are not a reckless bastard who cares nothing about their jobs. Thing is, I never care in the past if other people tipped or not, although I tried to encourage it. But now, things have changed, for bad. Call me pretentious but I can't look at the waiter's face if there is not a decent tip after he gave a good service. I feel cheaper than a 40-something one-legged saggy crack-whore.

Something I noticed when I went to Ireland were the eurocents on the floor no one bother to collect. Eanna told me one of his friends explained to him that in Spain that didn't happen, because people saved even those filthy cents. I have nothing against looking after the pennies, but when this surpasses to other levels of expenditure it annoys me. I only avoid tipping when the service is shit. Otherwise, I always give a tip above the 10% but no more than 15%. I see no point on eating in a restaurant if you cannot pay the tip! Also, my gosh! English method is to divide the bill in even parts. It may not seem fair if you only ate a leaf salad whereas some other ate two lobsters, but if you clarify you ate less everyone will be happy if you pay only for your salad. The systems works quite well when you share the table with the same people several times; eventually you get even and it is all so painless and comfy. Not time wasted guessing what the doodles of the waiter are.

Well, I thank Murphy I had been taking yoga lessons because I did have to exercise my patience in Prague and breath deep and long after the first restaurant bill arrived at our table. We lost a good half an hour jittering about who was paying what and the (lack of) tip. My little pout-and wrinkly-forehead scene was worthy, we had less problems to pay next time. I even nagged El Chivito to be less stingy for once. He didn't appreciate my efforts :(

Las 8 Cosas

Un mème que no había hecho antes y que Mr Ch. me empujó a hacer.

  • Cada jugador comienza con un listado de 8 cosas sobre sí mismo (no cuenta nada que venga en par en el cuerpo).
  • Tiene que escribir en su blog esas 8 cosas, junto con las reglas del juego.
  • Debe seleccionar a 8 personas más para invitar a jugar y escribir sus nombres.
  • Por último, tiene que dejar un mensaje en sus blogs invitándoles a jugar, indicando en el mensaje, el post de su propio blog “El juego” Mis 8 cosas.
“El juego” Mis 8 cosas
  1. En este preciso momento no sé qué escribir.
  2. Antes me encantaban los mèmes, ahora me son x. Creo que la vida ha dejado de tener sentido por eso :'(
  3. Quiero dispararle al emo que escribió lo que está en el número dos de esta lista.
  4. Tuve escalofrios nomás de pensar en el papel higiénico de la República Checa.
  5. Me acordé que quería poner un post de un dibujito que vi en una novela gráfica. Algo de unos monjes así todos bien chidos que veneraban la caca seca de un Papa del medievo. Puras linduras que encuentra uno en los cómics.
  6. Tengo que hacer mi CV y no quiero.
  7. Hoy hice yoga, trabaje, hice body jam y finalmente cené un stir-fry con salsa de frijoles.
  8. Mañana voy al doctor.

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Juan Calleros

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