Wednesday, July 25, 2007

The intellectually challenged people of the gym (and the supermarket, the university, etc, etc)

A while ago I told Alieg I had a huge desire to stick disabled-signs to the cars of people who were obviously not disabled and parked in the reserved spaces.The disabled sign should be accompanied by a label: Non-visible Disability; which is the PC term to enclose any disability that in older times was called retardation. I think they deserve that sign since they can't read or understand simple instructions and civility rules.

I am not the only hater of parking-spaces' thieves. I found this lovely site from where I stole the following pic. I think I will be ordering a lorry of these signs.

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Alice said...

los que mas me repatean son los del cine... uno se tiene que estacionar ancas a la chingada... y estos intellectually challenged justo frente a la puerta... arrgghhh