Thursday, July 26, 2007


Everything is about it. Bad karma returned to one of my friends recently, and well, that was not very nice :'( However, I must say I always see the positive side of karma. In general, you don't have to seek revenge. You often get avenged by karma, but you are seldom aware of it. But that is not important, karma always gets you. Not because I believe some energetic fluid conspires against a person, it is just simply, that if you cause harm or behave stupidly you'll get back eventually the results of your misdemeanours. No need for a karma police.

That is why I stopped being a Mexican soap-opera character and I stopped swearing to myself to destroy someone. So far, I haven't got the need to bring out the AK-47.


Lifeless said...

I dont believe in this Karma thing. Nor do I believe that "what goes comes back". Instead, I firmly believe that I can be the biggest asshole on earth and never would I ever have to repay anything to our lord jesus christ our saviour and redeemer (nor to anybody else for that matter). I could soooo be Voldemort.

On the other hand, if I saw this image in a Tshirt I'd definitely buy it.

titab said...

I was the same until I pay attention and I saw it working. I think before I didn't notice it, "nature" has its way to get even because I haven't met (so far) a happy joyful lucky arsehole with no problems whatsoever. There is always something that gets them eventually.

Lifeless said...

Well, thats the thing. There are loads of nice people out there, and yet they also have lots of problems.

I guess problematic situations rise whether you're a sweet little cherub or a big prick. I prefer the latter.

titab said...

You are right, no one is safe from being damages/abused/etc; but your chances increase exponentially when you are an asshole and give to loads of people a good reason to seek revenge (directly or indirectly) and harm you. Unless you have a sick love for provocation it is rather stupid being an arse and expect no one to do anything about it. Pure logic. Also, I don't think it is fun at all, unless you are a cartoonish bond villian.

Ah, and don't be a liar, you are more a sweet little cherub than a big prick hahaha.

Lifeless said...

>>Ah, and don't be a liar, you are more a sweet little cherub than a big prick hahaha.

I am not!! *stamps feet on the ground and pulls a face*

Well. The things is: If you're a prick for quite sometime then you learn how to take care of yourself. You get tough skinned and all, so chances of somebody actually "getting back at you" get exponentially slimmer. However, if you're a sweet little person, then it is most likely that somebody will get you without much effort. It may not be logic that counts in this case, it is practice. Practice being a prick and fending of anybody who tries to get revenge. It is much more useful than hoping that nobody will do you any harm, because if they do ... you're fucked.