Friday, August 10, 2007

Contemporary Adult Commandments: a meme without a heart

I struggled at the beginning but when I was in number five I couldn't stop thinking it is a shame there must be only ten!

Instructions: If you got this meme it means you are a contemporary adult (a thirty-something) or soon you will be one (I am even including 25ish in here!). If this is not the case, it only means the person that passed you the meme can't read, thus you are allowed to skip it.

The general idea is to give out 10 things you *must* do before you become and old bore. Commandments should be based on your *broad* experience of life, that is, a collection of wise-men DOs (but not DONTs!). After you finish the commandments, nominate at least 5 fellows who should share their knowledge of life (ha!).

A kind note for the reader: Please don't be a child and take offense from any of the items. If you do, lock your self in the toilet and scream for a while, nobody wants your shit in the comments.

The 10 Contemporary Adult Commandments

  1. Before you turn 30, thou shouldest have had a pregnancy scare and survive it childless.
  2. Before you turn 30, thou shouldest have holden a McJob and shiver from the memories of it for the rest of your life.
  3. Before you turn 30, thou shouldest have crossed at least one ocean and traveled until you are penniless.
  4. Before you turn 30, thou shouldest have gotten your self wasted/stoned beyond the point of recognition.
  5. Before you turn 30, thou shouldest have slept with a *hot* *hot* *hot* stranger.
  6. Before you turn 30, thou shouldest have gotten yourself into real trouble and out of it, on your own.
  7. Before you turn 30, thou shouldest have doubted about the existence of everything, even God.
  8. Before you turn 30, thou shouldest have made someone suffer and enjoy it.
  9. Before you turn 30, thou shouldest have prolonged your stay outside of the real world as much as possible.
  10. Before you turn 30, thou shouldest have been very afraid of committing yourself to something serious.
And the nominees are *plays drums*:
  • Chango Chilango
  • Lifeless
  • Genma
  • Alice in Wonderblog
  • Imoq
  • Güolken
  • Juan
  • Mike and Mike (the three of them)
  • OmarHG
  • Nodens


Lifeless said...

wey, no mames, las fotos te las pase hace un chingo de tiempo. Es una liga que te di por MSN. Luego que te vea loggeada te la paso de nuevo.

Lifeless said...

Results on yours:
1.- Check!
2.- Check!
3.- Check!
4.- Check!
5.- Definitely not yet
6.- This is hard to tell, but i believe is a Check too.
7.- Check!
8.- Check! Check! Check!
9.- Check!
10.- Not that I can think of

Find mine at:

titab said...

chale ese link no me llego, ahi en tu blo' te contesto si check o no check :)

Ing. Cardioide said...

iuju! me libre jajaja :P

[sarcasmo]Si uno apenas que tiene 18 años [/sarcasmo] jajajajaja

Aloha! Saludos!


marco_099 said...

Chango Chilango:
Muchas gracias! Pronto lo escribire en mi blog.
En cuanto a tus do´s... hm, veamos:
1) Hecho
2) Nop
3) Hecho
4) Hecho
5) Hecho
6) Hecho
7) Hecho y aun haciendolo
8) Hecho
9) Ay caray, pero como?
10)Igual y nel
Fiu... me pusiste a pensar!!!

Nodens said...

2)mhh cuenta camillero en hospital?
10)mh por accidente, queda una cicatriz, pero si hubiese sido mas profunda no se realmente si la hubiera dejado terminar el trabajo.

Alice said...

1. aqui en sheffield parece que es antes de los 20... aunque no salen childless...
2. nel, nunca se me dio eso de trabajar por $6 la hora
3. ahi la llevo
4. al menos yo no me reconocia en el espejo LOL
5. palomita!
6. real trouble... creo que nunca
7. constantemente y va de mal en peor
8. me falta la parte de enjoy it
9. palomita! palomita! palomita!
10. palomita!

mmmhhh quiere decir que casi estoy lista para ser an old bore!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ... ya no me gusto este meme ...

Juan said...

Va que va mi respuesta tardada

1. Done
2. Done bar assistant which means the guy who cleans the glassess
3. Done four months later I got my scholarship
4. Done
5. Not yet
6. Done
7. Done even me, am I real? am I writing this?
8. Never
9. done
10. done