Thursday, August 23, 2007

Disney and Dalí present Destino

I apologise for this tilted version, but as it was pointed out in one of the comments, the skew but complete short is better than just extracts. Pirates in the first world are so unskilled -me thinks-. I would have bought the film but they didn't sell it :'(

Another nice thingy from cinema is this collaboration between Mr Hitchcok and Dalí. Enjoy Ingrid Bergman as well.
Dalí also used his talent for more mundane affairs. Check these ads, for example.


Nodens said...

Chale, y pensar que "gracias" a alien y star wars se desbarato el Dune de Jorodowsky/Moebius/Giger con Dali como el Emperador...

Alice said...

quien lo viera haciendo comerciales... yo creo que ya no le toco vivir en la epoca de los mesenas... y pues de algo tenia que vivir... jijiji