Friday, September 28, 2007

No me tientes

I usually don't re-read old emails. Whether they mean love, hate or devotion, I resist to look back because it is nothing but staring at hells above or heavens below which already ceased to exist.

I had a conversation today that reminded me of an email I received about 6 years ago. I couldn't help but looking for it, luckily I managed to delay the impulse for a few hours. During my search I found some other emails which made me smile with the memories of beautiful times. I also found one email showing the clear signs of the coming storm; I shivered to the thought of a way younger me, unable to recognise those signs.

Finally, I found the email I was looking for. And I failed to read it in one go. Everytime I set my eyes on it, just after a few sentences, I could not avoid the mental shrieks prodding me to twist my head aside and close my eyes. Back then, that undesired email shook me to be core. In a way it did so because I was happy I was not the one writing it, yet I could perfectly understand the writer. I had been there, but as the raven said, never more. I had already moved on. Is it always like that with old feelings that left a mark on your soul?

And now brothers and sisters, children of men, I can tell you for sure, you should not read again old emails. Keep them, they are bits of memory for a memory that remains, but do not read them, they are evil.

If you paid attention to this post you may have noticed I added a nice video of one of my favourite Mexican bands. I always associated that song with the time of that aforementioned email (and the years before that email was sent) so, I attached it to this wee post. I remembered the song because I happened to hear another song (that I also love) from the same band. Shame for the lack of video, thus I decided to only add the lyrics of this other song. Even though it is fairly old, this melody reminded me of a not so old event; maybe all the conversations I've been having did the recollecting job and the song was just the cherry on the icing, who knows.

La Gusana Ciega - Duele Decirlo
Estas esperando en tu cama
La dosis extraña de cristales de fe.
Y son las últimas horas,
el ultimo intento por pasártela bien.
Estás repitiendo la escena
cortando tus venas por un poco de amor.
Y estás soñando de día
pensando que todos te queremos tener

UU Duele decirlo UU no somos lo mismo.
Decir 'del polvo de estrellas
que escurre del cielo estamos
hechos los dos
Es ir a polos opuestos del mismo
reflejo, de la misma razón
UU Duele decirlo UU no somos lo mismo.

Te estamos olvidando
No estás dentro de mi
No estamos mejorando
No estamos mejorando así.



Nodens said...

Demasiado tarde la advertencia, ayer me tope con unas fotos que no sabia su existencia y que quede casi una hora en los what if....

titab said...

Nooooooo :P

Guardalas en el rincon mas oculto, esos blasts from the past ahi tienen que permanecer.

Azim said...

No, pues deberia uno de borrar todo eso.
El psicologo sale caro.
muy caro.

Alice said...

creo que me equivoque de soundtrack... empece por poner el video de "como te voy a olvidar"... y luego segui leyendo este post... mmmhh igual y tambien le queda la cancion... jajaja

titab said...

Pues son misma época, diferente gente y diferente carrilla.

titab said...

Azim> A esas cosas les tengo cierto attachment, aunque no las lea ni vea nunca no las borro o tire. Sepa pq.